People Who are Different Looking

Even though I am very young I have learned the first people to be picked on are the people that have either had an amputation or were born with a limb difference like my twin Katriana. They are treated like crud because their appearance is different. God made anybody with a limb difference or an amputation different it was his plan for them. They made like that to help somebody not to be punished because they did something wrong. Basically God is trying to teach us through them that being who you are isn’t as hard as it looks. Katriana has a blog for people that are different to show them they are loved, but you don’t have to have a physical deformity to read it. Here is the web page name My point is that you don’t have to look different to be different. Dress your way, talk your way, walk how you like to walk, and most of all show your personality! Ignore those who think you look ridiculous, because if that is how you like to dress or how you like to walk your being who God wants you to be! If your an actor act, dancer dance, singer sing, fashion designer design, and most of all just be you who you are! Tell anybody that thinks your insane to get lost, because your not insane you just know that who you are on the inside is who your supposed to be on the outside. Don’t let other people decide who you are going to be decide for yourself. I have a question for you. You don’t have to answer, but if you want I will read them and respond. My question is if your hiding who you are why and is it, because of some one close to you?


1 thought on “People Who are Different Looking

  1. My blog is to show everyone and anyone with anything that is different that they are loved by God – Kat


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