Hello my name is Marjorie. This blog is about who God wants you to be not what the world wants you to be. I have struggled with being who God wants me to be and who the world wants me to be for many years now. I can honestly say it has almost broken up all of my relationships with my friends and my family members. While I was trying to fit in and be me I was struggling to keep both sides happy. I was bullied for being different and not only for having a twin sister, but even worse than you would expect cause she only had one hand. I knew it would be difficult I just didn’t expect it to be that bad. So the reason I decided to write this blog is cause no one should have their confidence and belief in other people, because some jerk thinks you should be just like every single person on the planet. So basically they want the whole entire planet to be one gigantic uniformed school were every one is the exact same. No expression of their separate personality’s and so everybody would be a walking brick different color bricks, but bricks all the same. If anyone needs to contact me hit the menu button and then the contact button and you should find my email. feel free to email me just make sure you put where you found my email so that I don’t freak out thanks for reading. Bye Marjorie


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sis. This is going to be an amazing blog so I am going to put your website in my next blog so that others can look at it. I love my twin so sweet and smart.


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