We all think we are all alone at some point in time! What we don’t realize is that we have guardian angels surrounding every hour and every second of the day 24/7! You can talk to them like imaginary friends or you can just relax since you know God is there and the Angels are there to help you! God gives us each a choice when we get mad give grace and love or stay mad and give anger and dislike! If you don’t know what grace is it is very simple it is a type of forgiveness one where you forgive the wrong doings and go straight back to how your relationship was before you got into an argument or disagreement! If it wasn’t for grace in my family would most likely have been torn to shreds by now just with how much we can disagree. If it wasn’t for Gods Grace and Love I don’t know what we would be like today! I thank God every time my parents get home and that none of us get hurt! Jesus forgives us when we ask him for forgiveness some times he has already forgiven us and we are just saying thank you lord for loving me! He gives grace over the little things and over the big things. For example if you tell a lie he gives you grace, but he hopes that you tell whoever you lied the truth! He knows each and every person and loves them for who they are! He may not like how they act on the outside or who they are on the outside. But he knows when the real you is going to reach for the light and take it by both hands! He would wait for eternity if it meant he could see you come out of your shells! Nobody can measure the amount of he has for us, because his patience its ever lasting! But you can measure his love for you by remembering that he died on a cross for you and me!


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