Being Worried

Hey guys sorry about not blogging for the last few days. I have been really busy and have been a little out of it. My subject today is about worry and how much stress can cause in your life. Worrying is just a way of destroying yourself! When you worry you hurt the people around you without even noticing, because your to worried about what tomorrow brings. We worry about tiny tiniest things to the biggest most gigantic thing in the universe! The thing is when we are worried our biggest tell is when we ask a bunch of questions with these two words at the beginning, It is ridiculous how much we worry! All we have to do is give it to Jesus which sounds easy when you say it, but it is really hard to give it to Jesus and not let it pop straight back into your brain. Sometimes all you have to do to stop worrying is turn on some music or just remind yourself that Jesus will never leave you alone! If your stressing out about something your basically just worrying about something. All stress does is make us even nuttier than we already were, so we work on calming ourselves and not getting stressed which probably sounds dumb. But its isn’t as dumb as it sounds, because we all are worried or stressed at one point in time the only problem there is that if we all stayed that way we would all go insane at some point in time. I have a question I would like you all to think over! What would happen if we all just stopped worrying or being stressed how would this world get along? I wonder if it would ever be the same again what are your thoughts on this idea?


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