Peace and Quiet

Sometimes we need to get away from the hustle and bustle of our every day lives and other times we just need to lock ourselves in our rooms until we have our thoughts together! Or what I normally say emotional breakdown  time, which just means I need to have some time to cry or just punch a pillow or sometimes do both. If my family needs me they come and get me from my room. If any of you have had a breakdown you understand, and those of you who haven’t an emotional breakdown it is when you burst out crying, laughing or any other emotion for no reason  you get really dizzy and sleepy at the same time! I normally pass out as soon as I have apologized to my family and sometimes my friends if they are over! Also I have noticed it only happens a lot if you are really stressed or so confused that you can’t concentrate! Jesus watches this happen and will send someone or something (usually an animal or a message of some kind). Peace and Quiet can mean many things when I think of them the first two things that pop into my head are country side and forest! The funny part is I grew up in the country side so I understand that one! Forest has me stumped, because I have only ever went to summer camps surrounded by forests I guess forests pop up because you could get lost in the peace and quiet that you can find in the wilderness! I have a tip for any of you wonderful readers that like to sing, dance or anything else. If you don’t like to be around a lot of people when you do any of your favorite, but appropriate hobbies. Find some where away from everybody else that you can call your secret place! Then do what ever you love to do, because you will find your answers in your secret places! It doesn’t have to be one spot it just has to be your spot. Don’t get mad if someone else finds a spot that is why you have back up spots!

Good Bye Sincerely Marjorie


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