Little Things We Don’t Think About

What we think is insignificant most likely more important than we think. Love, family, friends, pets, wild animals, and many more objects aren’t insignificant! In fact they are pretty important to most of us, and at one point we have imagined what this world would be like without them! Life would be horrible nobody would be friendly there wouldn’t be any beauty in nature and we would be alone forever! No parents and children with nobody to teach them right or wrong! The whole world would be a giant ball of darkness. So I say to you even if it is something small give the attention you would give something as big as the ocean that way nothing seems small! Bring light into the world with every little insignificant thing you do even if it just giving someone a smile! And if someone doesn’t like what you’re doing just ask them why they are concerned with what you’re doing when they should be concerned with what they are doing! Don’t worry about what can be negative, because as soon as you start worrying you can falter, and if you do falter just get back up and keep on fighting to succeed and you will as soon as you ask God for strength! As soon as you say Gods name the devil will flee faster than a bullet! Nothing is as small as it looks!

Later Gators. See you later crocodiles.


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