Journeys That We Choose to Start


Sorry for not posting anything this weekend I was a bit busy. First I had baking at friends house with Kat. Then we went to the hill called Drive of the Coming King! It’s a hill that is being covered in Jesus sculptures in Kerrville, Texas! You could feel Jesus up there and it was amazing to see everything around you (sorry didn’t get a picture of the veiw). The part that looks like a giant silver table is the base for a fountain statue. We even took our 2 year old pitbull Grace who was scared of the statues even more than she was of the people. Makes sense she has never seen a statue till yesterday! When she finally stopped barking her head off it was actually pretty cute seeing her follow mom around in her new halter. Sometimes getting on top of a hill is what you  need to feel God renewed you when your lost! Lately I have been lost, but standing in the center of the cross and already know Jesus died for me made me feel found and secure again! You start a journey every time you go somewhere you have to go on the journey to find who you meet, places you might go, and what you might learn! The journey starts with the first step in the right direction and maybe a few steps in the wrong direction! Every one will go the wrong direction every once in a while all we have to do is find our way back to the right direction! Let’s take our journeys as they come!

See you later gators.


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