Hey guys sorry I have been really busy, and my parents went out of town. Today is about patience, because recently I found out I’m not as patient as I thought I was! There are a lot of ways to test your patience level. Recently I polished my nails and I sat there for an hour and a half letting them dry. I don’t  have a high patience level when it comes to sitting down cause if I can’t do something I go a little crazy! I know a lot of people that if you tell them to sit down and sit still they won’t last very long! Patience is something you have to practice till you can sit there for I don’t know how long without moving! Half the time I ask God for more patience the other half I just sit there breathing until I look like I am asleep or I think about other stuff so my brain is distracted! I wonder how many of us actually have a high patience level?. I hope everybody reading this has a great rest of the day!
Later gators!


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