Pets can be considered family and best friends! Sometimes even like there fur baby children! I love my cat like he was a temperamental 13 year old teenager. Most people say animals don’t go to heaven if animals didn’t go to heaven it wouldn’t be heaven without animals! Animals are God’s children to, so don’t count them out of heaven. Only Jesus chooses if they go or stay and I am not sure if snakes are aloud or not. The only animal I dislike more than anything are snakes, because they give me the creeps! I don’t mind if you like snakes or any other creepy animals just don’t ask me if I want to pet them. I will look at you like your a completely insane person. I love animals that are cute, adorable, and not dangerous, because if they are dangerous I am completely creepped out by them! The thing about animals that makes me smile is that they listen, watch, and sometimes join in in whatever you are doing, because they don’t judge, make fun of, or hurt you with what you say or do! If you need an example would be dancing, crying, singing, or anything else you don’t want to do in front of people that’s appropriate! They are always there for you no matter what you do or say as long as you treat them right! Show animals kindness and that you care about them and they will never leave your side!

Later Gators!


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