What is Really the Truth About You?

We all know what telling the truth is like, but do any of us actually know how to show our true personalities or are we just clueless? How many of us actually know a 100% about who is on the inside fighting to get out? Or are we all just walking around with a mask on hiding our truths and differences from the outer world? How many of us show any of our emotions in public or do we just hide them inside 90% of the time? The other 10% is spent crying, screaming, or even laughing when we are where no one can judge! If we believe we have everything put together we are just about to see everything fall apart again! I know people can be giant bullies I am homeschooled for two reasons and that is one of them the other was that I was a bit advanced for being in middle school and some of my teachers didn’t like that. Everybody has unique problems sometimes kids with adults or kids with kids it depends on the situation.  The example above is of adults not liking you, because your either smart or your just fast, and even sometimes your religious belief I know my science teachers probably didn’t like me all the time! People think you are strange if you carry a bible to school or even just be who you really are! Just tell them to back off kindly so you don’t get in trouble with an adult(disregard the next part if it is an adult you will get in trouble indefinitely) and start laughing if they try to be mean they will realize you don’t care and hopefully back off if not tell somebody! If you don’t nip the bullying in the bud it will just get worse show them who you are and maybe one day you can be friends! Also, if they judged who you are before meeting you in person challenge who they think you are by telling them a few things about yourself! Just what you would say in a normal introduction nothing more nothing less. Don’t over think who you are or you will just cause problems. So basically just show them who you are when you’re at home in your pajamas, but not in your pajamas and nothing gross! Be yourself just also girls be lady like and boys be gentlemen! I hope whoever is reading this sees a change in their lives for the better!

Later Gators!


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