Hey guys sorry I had writers block for a few days. Alright I know betrayal is a strong word, but we all run into at some point! Every once in a while we trust somebody and they turn on us when we least expect it. Sometimes they aren’t really our friends, and others times they are our friends and they just make a mistake. We all know that nobody is perfect and that the only person that is perfect is Jesus Christ! So we know that we all make mistakes, but some of us don’t understand that it matters how many times we hurt somebody else. The funny thing is that every time a secret that wasn’t a friends’ to tell gets told, or just being treated like nothing, because a friend chooses favorites every time they get a new friend! The people who usually hurt you most likely don’t realize how big of a deal it is or they don’t know how hard it gets to trust them. I know Betrayal isn’t easy to get over, but Jesus is there to help us get through all the hurt and sadness that this life brings! Somebody somewhere I don’t know who said, “Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me!” I didn’t get what the phrase meant until I think about how many times we let someone get to us by saying negative things that we should really ignore! Instead of ignoring what they say we think about it till we are blue in the face. Sometimes all we need to do to forgive and try to trust them again is to remember we all are human! The link below is for the Voice of Truth By Casting Crowns! I hope you enjoy the song and that you can forgive anyone who has ever hurt you!

Later Peoples!


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