What Love Looks Like to Me!

I know I have already done a post about love, but I have learned more about love and I felt like I should share! Most of the time I think love is missing from the world, but it turns out you just don’t see it till you get face to face with others! I think love is something that is free, beautiful, unconditional, and amazing! You don’t have to earn love, but you do have to cherish it or you will lose it. Some of us believe Love is over used or just a fairy tale, because we either have been told it so many times that it is just a meaningless word. Or that even though we are told we are loved and we have been shown it is a lie from that person! Love is something we are meant to share not take advantage of or mislead people with. Our hearts are filled with love that is meant to be given to others who need it and who have never ever seen it! Love is easy to give, but it is sometimes hard to receive, because of the lies of this world that destroy a persons’ trust in others. I believe that love is never false or just a saying! I believe that for all of us to survive we need love and friendship without we are alone and nobody should ever be alone! Also, you can love someone, but not like who they are! If any you that are reading this have any objections or different opinions I would love to hear them! I love everybody that reads this and those who don’t!

Later yall!


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