Change Of Scenery!

Hey peoples I hope your day is going well! I know that a good amount of us have moved before whether it be moving to a different city, state, country, school, house, and sometimes even switching to a different church! You see new people, new places, and things you never seen before. Sometimes God tells you to move, but other times you know you to move. My family is looking for a new church, because the church stopped reaching us. When you know you don’t fit where (where=I mean like school, church, friendships and stuff like that)  you are don’t change move to somewhere you do fit. I know we leave friends, family, and things we like behind, but sometimes a change of scenery will help you heal and find your purpose! You might loose fake friends, but you will keep real friends! You will gain experience in situations that you might not have gone through or you don’t move and you get experience on other things. Scenery can lift you up if it is pretty, but if it is dark and gloomy it will let you fall down into a pit of gloom! Choose the scenery which makes you smile! Gods love you! Bye!


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