True Friends

Sometimes we can’t see if people are really our friends or just there to hurt us. I have been asking that question till Monday night when I finally text-ed a friend of mine from Louisiana. You see there are only two type of friends I have met so far. Type A the people who can tell by the way you text them that something is wrong and will ask whats wrong! Type B the people who will make jokes about things that have hurt you in the past and then hurt you by doing them! Most people make me mad when they do things that have hurt me in the past, but real friends will have either been through it and understand or have seen you in pain and will try to protect you from it! True friends will let you walk away from them and when you fall will except you back into their arms faster than you can sing, “Off To Work We Go!” From Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs. True friends aren’t oblivious to your pain they see your pain and try to make you as happy as they can! I pray that we all have two or three of them in our lives! I would still be as stressed as a mouse running from a cat right now.




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