How do We Know if People we Have Lost Are Still With Us?

Hey guys today I have been thinking of the loss of loved ones, and I know we all have family members, friends, or pets in heaven! I understand the pain of never getting to know siblings, pets, or other people who would have made a difference in our lives that we have never gotten to meet! I have nine older siblings that are watching me from heaven today that I never got to meet, because they weren’t meant for this world. The people who never grew up here were spared for a reason only God knows. Or they aren’t here anymore, because it was their time to go! Also, because he knows we can help people go through the pain when they aren’t strong enough on their own to see that the people they have lost are watching over them from heaven! The people who aren’t here are here, because we remember they are still alive in our hearts even if they never were born or they have passed away! It doesn’t matter how long it has been they are watching over us from heaven. If you pay attention you can see them even if you never met them, because you will see them in the flowers, stars, and everything else. I know for the ones of you who have never met people, because they died before you could get to know them or God took them straight to heaven. I know that you probably wont believe me, but they are there even though you can’t see or hear them! They are there in spirit and you might not believe this, but when we feel like we are being watched not only is God watching us, but so are the people who love us that are in heaven! When your alone and depressed they are there wishing they could cheer you up, but sometimes we can feel them when we think of them. God lets us feel them when we need to remember they are still there! You may not agree that is alright, but this is how I feel! Adois mis Amigos.


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