How Do We Let Our Emotions Out?

Our emotions can be hard for us to understand and even harder for others to understand! The worst part about this is that most of the time the people who care about you either don’t listen or they try and fix what ever it is before to have even finished explaining. I know that it gets annoying and frustrating, but hopefully they get better as they get older. If not just either talk to God or write it all down in a notebook. There are a lot of ways that we can let our emotions out and they are: singing, crying, running, dancing, screaming, drawing, boxing, journaling, and I don’t how many others. You have to find your own way of letting your emotions out! Pushing  your emotions to the back of your mind never works cause then you just have a breakdown and start crying out of nowhere! I wonder how Yall let your emotions out? You can have more than one way to let your emotions out. I hope your days is going well whoever is reading this, and hope you have a great day tomorrow! Adios mis Amigos!


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