My family just got home from Fiesta Texas/Six Flags Over Texas! We live in Military City USA/San Antonio, Texas! Kat and I wanted to race on the go-cart track we went to pay for tickets and the lady at the booth look at Kat like she was a freak, because she had a limb difference. We talked to the supervisor, assistant manager and manager! Kat had driven the go carts three times last year with no trouble at all. They discriminated against my sister who they think is disabled, because she has one hand. They are terribly wrong she can do more than i can do with two hands. Discrimination against children and adults that were either born without or lost a limb is not right! They publicly humiliated my sister in front of a lot of people, and they made her feel disabled when in fact she is gifted most people do not have the level of determination that she has. She never gives up on something that she can do when she puts her heart into it! She can legally drive in three months, so how is it she can drive everywhere else than a go-cart track. She has driven faster go carts than the go carts at Six Flags! They treated her like she should be ashamed of her difference, when in fact they should be helping her see that she is not disabled! Those stupid people hurt my sister! Kat doesn’t cry easy, but they made her cry! We have already stopped the payment for our Six Flags Passes! Please spread the word to everyone you know. Adios!


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