Love First!

Who loved you first? That seems like a difficult question, but it really isn’t that hard. Most would say their parents, but those who believe in who created them will say Jesus! Jesus teaches us a great lesson on loving before judging! We all know that can be hard, because there are so many things we can judge before we even say a word. The thing is what if you judge someone who could be your best friend in the world before even saying a word to them. Jesus paid our debt without knowing for sure which path we’d choose, but he believes in us to make the right choice even when others don’t! He loved us before he made us and he made us all! Love first even when the response you get is unkind, because when you love first your showing Jesus! It hurts to show love first, but it will give you a reward so sweet that your heart will feel like it’s overflowing even when it hurts!


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