Who Are You?

Who are you when there is no ones looking? Seriously who are you? I’m not gonna list out a bunch of examples, because this is serious and we all need to think about it! We are all unique it may just take a while for us to notice the way we are unique! With or without others around we are Jesus’s children no matter what we do! We are who he made us to be even when others don’t like who he has made us to  be! He will bring you to people who you will be with forever and those who are just temporarily in your life. I know it’s hard to be who you are I had a lot of trouble being who I was and I am supposed to be. I locked myself away I still had my beliefs and ideals, but I let them be quieted by fear! Then a friend of mine said something that we can’t say is true and I defended with scripture as did she. Neither one of us can truly say we won that discussion, because we both lost a friend and she probably thinks I am in the wrong. I am okay with that honestly, because it pulled me out of my dazed robotic attitude!


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