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There are so many new things we learn every day. Sometimes we learn them on good days, but most of them we probably learn after we have messed up. We learn so much and yet sometimes we have to be taught these lessons over and over again until they stick. I have learned many times that it takes practice to perfect something let it be baking a cake or knitting a scarf. Jesus knows we may back track and make the same mistakes sometimes, but he also knows we keep working at what we mess up. We fall sometimes then we get up and a good amount of the time we  need help getting up let it be support of a friend or family member or just a memory that keeps reminding us to fight for what we believe! He knows that sometimes it takes us sometime to get back up and push forward. The best part is that he believes in us so much that even when we don’t get up immediately, but we still get up! We learn how to be who he wants us to be everyday even if we don’t see it. Life teaches us something everyday like: knowing when to keep our mouths shut, when to speak, and there are so many more examples. Sometimes the lesson isn’t very clear or it is clear, but it so clear that you don’t even realize what you were meant to learn until your put in the same situation.The bible says in Revelations 3:10

Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

Jesus wants us to keep believeing so that one day we can meet him face to face. Jesus gave us free will, because he believes and trusts us to make the right choices. The lessons he has waiting are most likely at one point or another be intriguing or puzziling trust him through them and you will learn wonderful things.

I Love yall so stay safe and hope yall read the next post!


Bad Days

I know we all have days that are horrible or that we prayed would never come! Sometimes we get mad at what happens other times we breakdown and cry for a couple hours. If any of you are having a bad day put your emotions out in your hobbies. What your feeling might not go away immediately or it will never go away, but you will feel the pain go away after a while! Jesus will take the hurt and throw it all into a box that only opens when you need to remember something you have forgotten that is important to help somebody in your life that is going through what you have went through! I know a lot of us have trouble getting over the loss of a loved one and sometimes someone you have never met! Like siblings or uncles and aunts or people that helped mold your family members or friends into the people they are today. Each of us that have lost someone close to us or that we have not met, but are close in relation too. Sometimes Jesus takes them, because they have done what they were born to do in there life time and they have chosen Jesus! I don’t know how many of you agree, but I believe that one day when my life is at its end that Jesus will take me to meet my family and friends in heaven for the second time! Jesus will take care of us all he loves us and he never likes seeing us hurt. I hope your bad days are limited to the minimum and that your god days are to the maximum!

Later Gators!