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He Believes In You!!!

Do you believe that God believes in you??? Do YOU Believe in Yourself??? Do you believe in Others???

I know He believes in us even when we fall down, because He is there waiting to meet us halfway. Even when you can’t hear or see him, he is cheering you on and he is there to guide your path! I know it is hard to believe in yourself when you don’t hear or see anyone giving you that encouragement, but trust me he is right there with you believing in you even when you mess up!

Mark 9:23 “If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who Believes.”



I was at a Toby Mac concert last night and I had a field day, but after my mom mentioned that the other family who joined us in the box(company box at the arena) mentioned that their eight year old doesn’t see the difference of skin color. The mom was a little worried by what our response would be, but for most of my childhood I didn’t see the difference of skin color! Heck I didn’t now what racism was until we moved to Louisiana and my siblings and I encountered reverse racism! God doesn’t care what your skin color is if he did we would all be the same color!!! There’s a good amount of us that see SKIN COLOR first when we should see skin color last. Skin color doesn’t make you, your love for Jesus makes you! WOULD YOU WANT TO BE AVOIDED BY SOMEONE, BECAUSE OF YOUR SKIN TONE? I wouldn’t and I have been avoided, because of my skin tone it makes you feel awful just awful. If I meet someone the last thing I want to notice is their skin tone, because under everything else the only thing left is a Son or Daughter of God! Yes, they may be a different color, but that doesn’t mean anything other than they are unique! Your not the color of your skin, neither is anyone else!!!

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. John 7:24


Who Are You?

Who are you when there is no ones looking? Seriously who are you? I’m not gonna list out a bunch of examples, because this is serious and we all need to think about it! We are all unique it may just take a while for us to notice the way we are unique! With or without others around we are Jesus’s children no matter what we do! We are who he made us to be even when others don’t like who he has made us to  be! He will bring you to people who you will be with forever and those who are just temporarily in your life. I know it’s hard to be who you are I had a lot of trouble being who I was and I am supposed to be. I locked myself away I still had my beliefs and ideals, but I let them be quieted by fear! Then a friend of mine said something that we can’t say is true and I defended with scripture as did she. Neither one of us can truly say we won that discussion, because we both lost a friend and she probably thinks I am in the wrong. I am okay with that honestly, because it pulled me out of my dazed robotic attitude!

Don’t Blame Yourself! Also Never Change for Anyone!

Hey guys Happy Late Mothers Day to any Moms that read this! Would have posted something yesterday, but my family and I are adjusting our sleep schedule again! I am not sure how many people will take the time to read this, but here goes nothing. We all blame ourselves for the repercussions for something that we have done when it isn’t our fault I am serous how many of us have stood up for something we believe in and then been treated like your nothing, because you showed who you are. Or how many of us have changed for someone to be friends with and found out that when you didn’t change what you believed in that you are worth crud to them! People who don’t want to see the real you are people who just want mindless followers that don’t have any thoughts of their own. You shouldn’t change for anyone else it is to fix yourself and heal your heart and soul! I was recently in a discussion with some other girls that I thought were my friends until I told them my opinion, what I believe to be true and I had scripture to back me up. In the end it didn’t end well, because I had defended my belief and the people that weren’t there to defend themselves! After a few days I started to think the repercussions were my fault, because my brother might not get to have a friend of his sleepover again, and I felt like if I hadn’t opened my big mouth everything would have been fine! It took my whole family and a bunch of reassurances from my brother who I was worried about to get me to stop crying and to realize I was just standing up for my beliefs. In my example I blamed myself when everyone in my family was encouraging me. All you do when blaming yourself for the repercussions of somebody else’s anger towards you is trying to change who your. Standing up for something you believe in is telling yourself that you love who you are. Also, when you stand up for whatever it is you believe in you can break any change you have made in yourself especially if you don’t agree with what the other person believes in! Life should be about believing in yourself and being who you are no matter what others think, because at the end of the day God is Cheering you on for being who he made you to be! Believe in who God made you to be and he will always smile down at you from heaven!

Have a great day! Bye whoever might be reading this!