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I was at a Toby Mac concert last night and I had a field day, but after my mom mentioned that the other family who joined us in the box(company box at the arena) mentioned that their eight year old doesn’t see the difference of skin color. The mom was a little worried by what our response would be, but for most of my childhood I didn’t see the difference of skin color! Heck I didn’t now what racism was until we moved to Louisiana and my siblings and I encountered reverse racism! God doesn’t care what your skin color is if he did we would all be the same color!!! There’s a good amount of us that see SKIN COLOR first when we should see skin color last. Skin color doesn’t make you, your love for Jesus makes you! WOULD YOU WANT TO BE AVOIDED BY SOMEONE, BECAUSE OF YOUR SKIN TONE? I wouldn’t and I have been avoided, because of my skin tone it makes you feel awful just awful. If I meet someone the last thing I want to notice is their skin tone, because under everything else the only thing left is a Son or Daughter of God! Yes, they may be a different color, but that doesn’t mean anything other than they are unique! Your not the color of your skin, neither is anyone else!!!

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment. John 7:24



Time! What is Your Time Spent Doing???

Hello sorry it’s been a while sense I’ve posted anything it’s just been a bit of a bumpy ride. I’ve realized that I’ve been pushing what Jesus wants from us down your throat, but you already know what he wants from us you just don’t know how you can do what he asks of you. When you scroll through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed. What do you normally see? Normally you see happy pictures, updates on how someone is, and many other important things, but there are many things we tend to scroll past and a lot of them could mean something if we took the time to read them. A lot of my Facebook feed is filled with stories about mistreatment towards people, other people purely complaining about random things or people standing up for others and trying to be a peacemaker! I don’t know what bothers you that you see on a regular basis. Or do you skip over all these things to see what the hottest fashion trends are or what the hottest truck/sports car is? Or worse do you spend your time bullying someone and tearing them down? What is the only common object in this? Time the one thing that roles by while you do something! Time is important, because you can either spend your time saving someone and building them up or spend your time tearing them down and destroying them. Are you gonna use your time to save someone or are you gonna use it to kill them? I know kill is a harsh word, but it’s the right word. Cause when your tearing someone down their dying on the inside even if you don’t see it on the outside! What is your time spent doing? I’m not sure if your understanding what I’m asking, but Jesus spent his time being criticized and then saving those who criticized him. He spent his whole life doing that and some took a lot of time to save. It takes seconds to break someone, but it takes forever to put someone back together even then their not fully together, because nothing broken can truly be fixed 100% cause there is still that spot that shows they’ve been broken, but they can reach 99.9%. Do you want to destroy other’s or build them up? Think on it!!!

Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to hearers. Ephesians 4:29 (NKJV)

Believe in You

I know that it is hard to believe in yourself when other people are trying to destroy who you are. If you believe in yourself and have faith that God made you to be who you are you can defeat any spiritual and physical battle without moving a muscle! All you have to do is believe and I know it sounds easy when you say it, but it’s not that easy get some back up scripture and people who believe in who you are! Also if you think I am crazy you might be right, but believing really works you will start to see you environment change. From the smallest change like people smiling to the biggest change I can imagine which is someone else starts to believe in themselves to! Your basically defeating a bully every time you lift your head up and look at the sky, because your not letting anyone destroy you. See the devil wants you to put your head down, but God wants you to lift your eyes to the Heavens! I see the devil in two perspectives a bully and a comic book villain! All he does is destroy beautiful things and the futures of people who are amazing when they are who the are inside. I wonder what we would look like on the outside if we showed everything we love to do on our sleeves like a bunch of tattoos of who we are! I know one thing mine would probably look like one gigantic mess, and I am not kidding! I know I have done a lot of challenges so far, but I think this is one we can all manage to do. First we draw all the things we love to do on a piece of paper lay them out however you like. Second take a picture with  your phone or scan them into your computer and email them to me and I will post them in my next few post if I can figure out how or I will list them out. Have fun with it and I will post mine when I am done with home work!

Bye  Marjorie