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Hello I apologize for not blogging for a while it’s been busy! My family bought a house and then we moved my grandma from Dallas to San Antonio! Their were a lot of changes at once and it was a lot to get used to! I hope yall are doing fine! Now to the point of this post! We all go through different changes in life or things around us change loss of family members, schools change, groups of friends, and their are so many more. Some are easy to get used to, and some are hard to get used to. I used to think change was all bad, but sometimes it is just what you need to save your life! Some things have to change so we can see what’s hurting us. If we don’t change certain things we can hurt the people we care about. We have to watch what we change or we can put ourselves in the line of fire! If we change how we treat others or how we speak to others we can save each other from getting hurt or we can hurt each other. What changes should we make to our lives if we want to help ourselves and the people we encounter on a daily basis? That’s all I have for today by yall! Sincerely Marjorie


What Do We Really Do For Others?

How many of us have actually helped someone else lately, and I don’t mean give someone a ride some where I mean have we helped someone down on their luck or have lost everything they have. How many of us Serve our communities by going out and feeding people or getting people some where that can help them get back on their feet? Or is all we do go and give offering in church? Is it fear that keeps us from going out and serving or that we can’t find something we can actually do?! It’s been I while since I have actually went out and served and I miss it! I  had so much fun helping in the food pantry and helping build bikes for kids in the hood in Baton Rouge Louisiana! I would be serving right now if only i could find something I can do. We all make excuses to not serve. Some excuses are I don’t have the time or the money or even what can I do I am just a nobody! Nobody on this planet is a nobody, because Jesus sees you every second of everyday! If I asked a few of my friends what they have done for the need people in this they probably wouldn’t be able to answer. I wonder what yall would say and how many of us would actually pay any attention to the question! Live Like That By Sidewalk Prophets is a song that states that you would want to show God to others not to glorify them selves I think we should all listen to it very closely! You know what God would be asking us all right know, “WWJD-What Would Jesus Do?” I have to remind myself to ask WWJD and I catch myself messing up all the time. Jesus is in all of us so why are we telling ourselves things that aren’t true!

That is all for today. See you later Marjorie