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There are so many new things we learn every day. Sometimes we learn them on good days, but most of them we probably learn after we have messed up. We learn so much and yet sometimes we have to be taught these lessons over and over again until they stick. I have learned many times that it takes practice to perfect something let it be baking a cake or knitting a scarf. Jesus knows we may back track and make the same mistakes sometimes, but he also knows we keep working at what we mess up. We fall sometimes then we get up and a good amount of the time we  need help getting up let it be support of a friend or family member or just a memory that keeps reminding us to fight for what we believe! He knows that sometimes it takes us sometime to get back up and push forward. The best part is that he believes in us so much that even when we don’t get up immediately, but we still get up! We learn how to be who he wants us to be everyday even if we don’t see it. Life teaches us something everyday like: knowing when to keep our mouths shut, when to speak, and there are so many more examples. Sometimes the lesson isn’t very clear or it is clear, but it so clear that you don’t even realize what you were meant to learn until your put in the same situation.The bible says in Revelations 3:10

Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

Jesus wants us to keep believeing so that one day we can meet him face to face. Jesus gave us free will, because he believes and trusts us to make the right choices. The lessons he has waiting are most likely at one point or another be intriguing or puzziling trust him through them and you will learn wonderful things.

I Love yall so stay safe and hope yall read the next post!



Hello I apologize for not blogging for a while it’s been busy! My family bought a house and then we moved my grandma from Dallas to San Antonio! Their were a lot of changes at once and it was a lot to get used to! I hope yall are doing fine! Now to the point of this post! We all go through different changes in life or things around us change loss of family members, schools change, groups of friends, and their are so many more. Some are easy to get used to, and some are hard to get used to. I used to think change was all bad, but sometimes it is just what you need to save your life! Some things have to change so we can see what’s hurting us. If we don’t change certain things we can hurt the people we care about. We have to watch what we change or we can put ourselves in the line of fire! If we change how we treat others or how we speak to others we can save each other from getting hurt or we can hurt each other. What changes should we make to our lives if we want to help ourselves and the people we encounter on a daily basis? That’s all I have for today by yall! Sincerely Marjorie

Little Things We Don’t Think About

What we think is insignificant most likely more important than we think. Love, family, friends, pets, wild animals, and many more objects aren’t insignificant! In fact they are pretty important to most of us, and at one point we have imagined what this world would be like without them! Life would be horrible nobody would be friendly there wouldn’t be any beauty in nature and we would be alone forever! No parents and children with nobody to teach them right or wrong! The whole world would be a giant ball of darkness. So I say to you even if it is something small give the attention you would give something as big as the ocean that way nothing seems small! Bring light into the world with every little insignificant thing you do even if it just giving someone a smile! And if someone doesn’t like what you’re doing just ask them why they are concerned with what you’re doing when they should be concerned with what they are doing! Don’t worry about what can be negative, because as soon as you start worrying you can falter, and if you do falter just get back up and keep on fighting to succeed and you will as soon as you ask God for strength! As soon as you say Gods name the devil will flee faster than a bullet! Nothing is as small as it looks!

Later Gators. See you later crocodiles.