My family just got home from Fiesta Texas/Six Flags Over Texas! We live in Military City USA/San Antonio, Texas! Kat and I wanted to race on the go-cart track we went to pay for tickets and the lady at the booth look at Kat like she was a freak, because she had a limb difference. We talked to the supervisor, assistant manager and manager! Kat had driven the go carts three times last year with no trouble at all. They discriminated against my sister who they think is disabled, because she has one hand. They are terribly wrong she can do more than i can do with two hands. Discrimination against children and adults that were either born without or lost a limb is not right! They publicly humiliated my sister in front of a lot of people, and they made her feel disabled when in fact she is gifted most people do not have the level of determination that she has. She never gives up on something that she can do when she puts her heart into it! She can legally drive in three months, so how is it she can drive everywhere else than a go-cart track. She has driven faster go carts than the go carts at Six Flags! They treated her like she should be ashamed of her difference, when in fact they should be helping her see that she is not disabled! Those stupid people hurt my sister! Kat doesn’t cry easy, but they made her cry! We have already stopped the payment for our Six Flags Passes! Please spread the word to everyone you know. Adios!


I Apologize For Not Posting!

Hey everyone I apologize for being absent, but my Grandpa hasn’t been doing well! He passed away yesterday so I might not post anything for a couple more days or a week. He was a Navy Veteran and he had been stuck in a wheelchair for 20 years since he had a stroke. I never got to see him walk or dance, but he is in heaven dancing with God, and Jesus Christ! Even though it is sad I am so happy that he is no longer suffering. I will try and post more in the future! Adios mis Amigos!

What Happens When We Take Gods’ Glory For Oursleves!

You have one of those days were you open your bible and you come to the same bible verse you have come to everyday for the last month! I have had that for the last two to three years, and the main point of the verse is to Glorify God! The bible verses are:

Psalms 34: 1-3  I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. I will glory in the Lord; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.

The part of the verses above that I didn’t understand was that God doesn’t like it when we take credit for the gifts that he gives to us! Sounds familiar doesn’t it well that is, because most of us have probably taken the credit for something we didn’t do and we all know it is wrong. We have all been on either side of this at least once and those of us that have had this happen, because you didn’t learn the lesson the first time! The one thing God can do that we can’t is take the gifts we were given by him back! Think of how hard it would be to earn them back. We would have to wait until God said that it was time for us to help someone. The point is God does not like us lying and taking the Glory that rightfully belongs to him! Adois Mis Amigos!

How Do We Let Our Emotions Out?

Our emotions can be hard for us to understand and even harder for others to understand! The worst part about this is that most of the time the people who care about you either don’t listen or they try and fix what ever it is before to have even finished explaining. I know that it gets annoying and frustrating, but hopefully they get better as they get older. If not just either talk to God or write it all down in a notebook. There are a lot of ways that we can let our emotions out and they are: singing, crying, running, dancing, screaming, drawing, boxing, journaling, and I don’t how many others. You have to find your own way of letting your emotions out! Pushing  your emotions to the back of your mind never works cause then you just have a breakdown and start crying out of nowhere! I wonder how Yall let your emotions out? You can have more than one way to let your emotions out. I hope your days is going well whoever is reading this, and hope you have a great day tomorrow! Adios mis Amigos!

How do We Know if People we Have Lost Are Still With Us?

Hey guys today I have been thinking of the loss of loved ones, and I know we all have family members, friends, or pets in heaven! I understand the pain of never getting to know siblings, pets, or other people who would have made a difference in our lives that we have never gotten to meet! I have nine older siblings that are watching me from heaven today that I never got to meet, because they weren’t meant for this world. The people who never grew up here were spared for a reason only God knows. Or they aren’t here anymore, because it was their time to go! Also, because he knows we can help people go through the pain when they aren’t strong enough on their own to see that the people they have lost are watching over them from heaven! The people who aren’t here are here, because we remember they are still alive in our hearts even if they never were born or they have passed away! It doesn’t matter how long it has been they are watching over us from heaven. If you pay attention you can see them even if you never met them, because you will see them in the flowers, stars, and everything else. I know for the ones of you who have never met people, because they died before you could get to know them or God took them straight to heaven. I know that you probably wont believe me, but they are there even though you can’t see or hear them! They are there in spirit and you might not believe this, but when we feel like we are being watched not only is God watching us, but so are the people who love us that are in heaven! When your alone and depressed they are there wishing they could cheer you up, but sometimes we can feel them when we think of them. God lets us feel them when we need to remember they are still there! You may not agree that is alright, but this is how I feel! Adois mis Amigos.


Hey guys sorry about not posting anything this weekend was helping a friend move apartments. I was reminded about something important that we all forget every once in a while I bet. Our words are so important, but we forget that what we say can destroy everyone around us and ourselves! How many of us have actually sat there thinking hurtful words to ourselves? We all think at one time do we belong here? God reminds us everyday we belong here we may not see why, but we are all here for a reason. Words can me life or death in certain situations? We can either save a life or destroy a life! Other people can say things to hurt us, because either they have a bad home life or they just are mad at everybody around them. We can help them if we can ignore the hurting words they use and give them healing and encouraging words that will help them or we can destroy them back! I know how painful words can be, because of bullies who judged me before they met me. Jesus had two forever friends waiting with encouraging words! God has all the glory, because what ever we have went through God has a plan for it to help at least one person! But we must have our mouths in check first or we shall surely falter, because our mouths are an important way to tell people they are loved! You show people kindness with your words, but you also show them that they are cared for with how you talk to them. If you talk to them like they are inferior they will start to believe you, but if you talk to them like they are your best friend they will be confident in who they are! We need to build people up with our words not tear them down! The verses below are Proverbs 16:23-24

23 The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction.24 Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

The link goes to Words by Hawk Nelson it might help you it might not, but I hope it helps you heal from something you have been through! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Nb9ufYEWG0 I hope all of your week is filled with love and if you run into someone who is mean put their flame of anger out with kindness!

Adios mis amigos! If you don’t know Spanish it means goodbye my friends.

P.S. I am only learning Spanish at the moment!

True Friends

Sometimes we can’t see if people are really our friends or just there to hurt us. I have been asking that question till Monday night when I finally text-ed a friend of mine from Louisiana. You see there are only two type of friends I have met so far. Type A the people who can tell by the way you text them that something is wrong and will ask whats wrong! Type B the people who will make jokes about things that have hurt you in the past and then hurt you by doing them! Most people make me mad when they do things that have hurt me in the past, but real friends will have either been through it and understand or have seen you in pain and will try to protect you from it! True friends will let you walk away from them and when you fall will except you back into their arms faster than you can sing, “Off To Work We Go!” From Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs. True friends aren’t oblivious to your pain they see your pain and try to make you as happy as they can! I pray that we all have two or three of them in our lives! I would still be as stressed as a mouse running from a cat right now.



Change Of Scenery!

Hey peoples I hope your day is going well! I know that a good amount of us have moved before whether it be moving to a different city, state, country, school, house, and sometimes even switching to a different church! You see new people, new places, and things you never seen before. Sometimes God tells you to move, but other times you know you to move. My family is looking for a new church, because the church stopped reaching us. When you know you don’t fit where (where=I mean like school, church, friendships and stuff like that)  you are don’t change move to somewhere you do fit. I know we leave friends, family, and things we like behind, but sometimes a change of scenery will help you heal and find your purpose! You might loose fake friends, but you will keep real friends! You will gain experience in situations that you might not have gone through or you don’t move and you get experience on other things. Scenery can lift you up if it is pretty, but if it is dark and gloomy it will let you fall down into a pit of gloom! Choose the scenery which makes you smile! Gods love you! Bye!

Don’t Blame Yourself! Also Never Change for Anyone!

Hey guys Happy Late Mothers Day to any Moms that read this! Would have posted something yesterday, but my family and I are adjusting our sleep schedule again! I am not sure how many people will take the time to read this, but here goes nothing. We all blame ourselves for the repercussions for something that we have done when it isn’t our fault I am serous how many of us have stood up for something we believe in and then been treated like your nothing, because you showed who you are. Or how many of us have changed for someone to be friends with and found out that when you didn’t change what you believed in that you are worth crud to them! People who don’t want to see the real you are people who just want mindless followers that don’t have any thoughts of their own. You shouldn’t change for anyone else it is to fix yourself and heal your heart and soul! I was recently in a discussion with some other girls that I thought were my friends until I told them my opinion, what I believe to be true and I had scripture to back me up. In the end it didn’t end well, because I had defended my belief and the people that weren’t there to defend themselves! After a few days I started to think the repercussions were my fault, because my brother might not get to have a friend of his sleepover again, and I felt like if I hadn’t opened my big mouth everything would have been fine! It took my whole family and a bunch of reassurances from my brother who I was worried about to get me to stop crying and to realize I was just standing up for my beliefs. In my example I blamed myself when everyone in my family was encouraging me. All you do when blaming yourself for the repercussions of somebody else’s anger towards you is trying to change who your. Standing up for something you believe in is telling yourself that you love who you are. Also, when you stand up for whatever it is you believe in you can break any change you have made in yourself especially if you don’t agree with what the other person believes in! Life should be about believing in yourself and being who you are no matter what others think, because at the end of the day God is Cheering you on for being who he made you to be! Believe in who God made you to be and he will always smile down at you from heaven!

Have a great day! Bye whoever might be reading this!

What Love Looks Like to Me!

I know I have already done a post about love, but I have learned more about love and I felt like I should share! Most of the time I think love is missing from the world, but it turns out you just don’t see it till you get face to face with others! I think love is something that is free, beautiful, unconditional, and amazing! You don’t have to earn love, but you do have to cherish it or you will lose it. Some of us believe Love is over used or just a fairy tale, because we either have been told it so many times that it is just a meaningless word. Or that even though we are told we are loved and we have been shown it is a lie from that person! Love is something we are meant to share not take advantage of or mislead people with. Our hearts are filled with love that is meant to be given to others who need it and who have never ever seen it! Love is easy to give, but it is sometimes hard to receive, because of the lies of this world that destroy a persons’ trust in others. I believe that love is never false or just a saying! I believe that for all of us to survive we need love and friendship without we are alone and nobody should ever be alone! Also, you can love someone, but not like who they are! If any you that are reading this have any objections or different opinions I would love to hear them! I love everybody that reads this and those who don’t!

Later yall!