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Hello I apologize for not blogging for a while it’s been busy! My family bought a house and then we moved my grandma from Dallas to San Antonio! Their were a lot of changes at once and it was a lot to get used to! I hope yall are doing fine! Now to the point of this post! We all go through different changes in life or things around us change loss of family members, schools change, groups of friends, and their are so many more. Some are easy to get used to, and some are hard to get used to. I used to think change was all bad, but sometimes it is just what you need to save your life! Some things have to change so we can see what’s hurting us. If we don’t change certain things we can hurt the people we care about. We have to watch what we change or we can put ourselves in the line of fire! If we change how we treat others or how we speak to others we can save each other from getting hurt or we can hurt each other. What changes should we make to our lives if we want to help ourselves and the people we encounter on a daily basis? That’s all I have for today by yall! Sincerely Marjorie


Nothing is Ever Truly Set in Stone

Nothing is truly ever one way specific that doesn’t mean Gods love is. What I mean is there are so many different paths you could follow! At every path there is a way to show God and a way not to. Or to chose to follow God or not to follow God. He gives us all many chances and many different directions that lead to different outcomes! Sometimes you could meet at a cross rode that has eight or even ten different directions you could take! The thing is some could tell what is about to happen others can be a complete mystery you never know until you take a path! Also, you could go down a path that is similar to the path your were just on! You never know what’s going to happen so be spontaneous choice a mystery path and find or meet someone who needs your help. You never know if they are there to help you learn something. God is always teaching us we just have to pay attention long enough to understand what he is saying!

Cheerfully, Marjorie